US-China Artists Exhibition Unveiled Today in Los Angeles

US-China Artists Exhibition Unveiled Today in Los Angeles

By Staff Writer

Los Angeles—The US-China Artists Exhibition, co-hosted by America Trade Development Council (ATDC) and America Qi Baishi Arts Institute, kicked off virtually today in celebration of the 5th anniversary of the founding of ATDC.

US-China Artists Exhibition Unveiled Today in Los Angeles
By Zhang Wencheng

The exhibition drew wide participation of the American and Chinese artists.  The organizing committee specifically invited well-known painters, calligraphers and sculptors from China and the United States.

By Liang ShiMin

Over 50 artists signed up within a short period of one month with around 200 works entered.  All the works, which are of high arts standard and value, are poised to bring memorable enjoyment to arts fans.

By Rui DeQun

ATDC, an officially registered non-governmental organization supported by a host of former high level American government official, is dedicated to in-depth exchange and cooperation of economy, trade, culture, education, environment, and health around the world.

By Luo WangShan

“ATDC attaches great importance to arts exchanges and cultural integration between the East and the West.  America is a nation of multiple cultures, and accommodates various cultures around the world,” ATDC said.

US-China Artists Exhibition Unveiled Today in Los Angeles
By Douglas Atwill

“The US-China Artists Exhibition is significant in promoting cultural exchanges, boosting healthy relationship between the two countries, and strengthening mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples.”

US-China Artists Exhibition Unveiled Today in Los Angeles
By Paul Oman

America Qi Baishi Arts Institute, a subsidiary of ATDC, was founded in 2018 with an aim to introduce to the United States the painting and calligraphy works of Qi Baishi, and promote the integration of the Chinese and Western painting arts.

By James Qi He

According to ATDC, numerous government officials sent their congratulatory messages to the event.

“I commend the America Trade Development Council for organizing the exhibition to further promote the exchange of arts and culture between the United States and China,” said Congresswoman Judy Chu.  “On behalf of the United States House of Representatives and the people of the 27th Congressional District, I offer my congratulations and best wishes.”

Arts can bridge cultures and languages, and provide friendship opportunities for American and Chinese people, according to the message from Congresswoman Karen Bass.

The organizing committee was headed by:

Honorary chairwoman Loretta Sanchez, Chairman Gary Wyatt, Executive Chairman Zhang Wencheng, Vice Chairman Luo Wangshan, General Secretary Levi Gong, Deputy General Secretary Mike Shi, Chief Arts Adviser Dr. James Qi He, Arts Advisers Weiliang Wang, Sihai Sun, Dr. Rich Melheim and James Mericle.

List of Participating Artists (in no particular order, in order of strokes of surnames)

Chinese painting:

Deng YuSheng, Wang QingZhen, Wang ZhiWei , Wang Sheng , Wang WeiLiang , Li RenXiong,  Li Yulong , Qi JunShan, Zhang GuangXi, Zhang WenCheng , Zhang Qi, Rui De Qun , Luo WangShang , Lin GuoXiong , Luo WeiCun, Zhao Kai , Zhou ZiYun , Hu XiaoHua , Pu RiXing , Liang ShiMin , Gao HongJian , Cui XiMin, Fu ChunLin , Yang DeDi


Sun SiHai, Zhang Li , Liu JianHua  , Xian JunYan, Jia RuJun,  Huang WeiYang , Chang Bin  Jiang DongZhi,  Han LanCheng

Oil Painting, Watercolor and Multiple Media:

Paul Oman,Ann Hosfeld,Cecilia Kirby Binkley,Douglas Atwill,Jane Abrams,Richard Swenson,John August Swanson,Dame Leith Eaton,Dr. Rich,Kevin A Short,Honda Drees,Frank Buffalo Hyde,Thomas Hartman,Gifty Bellon,Jonathan Koelsch,Wei Shi,Peter Wu,Geoffrey Feng,Blair Zhou,James Qi He

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