Guardion Health Sciences Launches a Product Aiming at Improving Lung Immunity

By Staff Reporter

San Diego—As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe, researchers, pharmaceutical industry, and health product developers rush to find solutions to tackle the unprecedented threat to human health.Guardion Health Sciences Inc., a listed company at NASDAQ (GHSI) headquartered in San Diego, launched acuMMUNE, a product which helps improve the lung immunity, in February, when the coronavirus first became aware around the world.

“We noticed that there were very few products on the market that would be helpful for the lung function,” said Michael Favish, CEO of GHSI.  “That is why we immediately begin formulating acuMMUNE.”

The immune system is a complex network of specialized cells and organs that work together to protect the body against infections from bacteria, viruses and other outside invaders.  acuMMUNE, composed of a proprietary blend of highly effective immune supportive antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, is distinctively different from other products that are currently available.

“Most importantly, we include astaxanthin in the product,” Favish added.  “With a faster immune response, astaxanthin can help strengthen and balance the immune system, enhance the antibody production, and protect immune cells against oxidative stress.”

It is anticipated that there will be a large market for dietary supplements associated with the lung health after the pandemic.

According to GHSI, the company plans to obtain sales licenses in different countries.  In March, GHSI forged a partnership with HWG, a Malaysian company, to develop the market in Southeast Asian.  And China will be a target market as well.

acuMMUNE is now available to the public on GHSI website