Beverly Hills for the Art Aficionado

Beverly Hills–Beverly Hills is well-known for unparalleled shopping, Michelin-starred and celebrity chef restaurants, luxurious Five-Star accommodations and destination spas. Many are surprised to learn that the iconic city is also home to a collection of public art, globally renowned galleries, impressive live art activations and festivals and art-infused hotel and dining experiences.

Hymn of Life Tulips by Yayoi Kusama in Beverly Gardens Park (image credit: BHCVB)

Today, over 70 pieces of must-see art adorn the city landscape. Each of these works of art were hand-selected by the city’s Arts and Culture Commission, whose members accept and acquire fine art to enrich the daily Beverly Hills destination experience.

The city’s historic Beverly Hills Sign and Lily Pond features impressive installations by world-renowned artists such as Japan’s Yayoi Kusama, whose colorful work titled Hymn of Life: Tulips, consists of giant fiberglass ceramic flowers. The park’s latest installation is Tom Friedman’s Takeaway, a playful 14-foot tall stainless steel sculpture of a man with takeaway boxes balanced on his head. At the intersection of Dayton Way and Rodeo Drive, visitors can spot Robert Graham’s Torso. Carved from solid aluminum blocks, the monumental human figure is mounted onto a bronze pedestal.

Beverly Hills also brings art to their events and activities throughout the year. This past summer, the bi-annual BOLD (Beverly Hills Open Later Days) initiative included a larger-than-life floating aerial sculpture by Janet Echelman, as well as, three unique art installations by famed street artist and Banksy protégée, Mr. Brainwash. Mr. Brainwash’s installations are currently on display at the following locations:

  • “Life is Beautiful” – Rodeo Drive at Dayton Way
  • “Beverly Hills is Beautiful” – Beverly Cañon Gardens *
  • “Beverly Hills is Life” – South Santa Monica Boulevard at Camden Drive

* location subject to change

Every May and October, the City hosts its annual two-day artSHOW in which over 245 international and domestic artists showcase their work in Beverly Gardens Park. The show attracts nearly 50,000 visitors and features food trucks, a beer and wine garden and live music. Admission to the event is free and more information can be found by visiting BHCVB website.

Art lovers are also steps away from internationally recognized art galleries and an incredible display of some of the biggest names in contemporary and fine art, such as Renoir, Warhol, Picasso and Dali. Some of Beverly Hills most prestigious galleries include:

  • Denis Bloch Fine Artis known for exhibiting a diverse range of artists that display modern and contemporary original prints and drawings, as well as sculptures and vintage posters.
  • Gagosian Galleryhas left a mark on the modern and contemporary art world highlighting some of the biggest names in the art market, including Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami, Richard Serra and many others.
  • Galerie Michaelspecializes in European paintings, drawings and prints from the 17th to 21st centuries and is located on the picturesque Two Rodeo Drive.
  • Gallery 19Cis an international gallery focusing exclusively on the 19th Century, one of the richest, most diverse 100 years in the history of art.
  • RWall d’Artexhibits a new space on Canon Drive and features art by modern prodigies and established masters. Located directly across the street, aspiring artists can unleash their creative side at RWall Paint Lounge, Beverly Hills’ first paint lounge.
  • Winn Slavinhas become a driving force in fine art and has firmly established themselves as a premier provider of fine art paintings and sculptures. The artists they represent range from contemporary master artists, including Cory Bennett, Ira Reines, Carlos Terres, in addition to selected works by modern masters, such as Salvador Dalí, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas and more.